Innovations Lab

The Innovations Lab, located in Room T-1324 of the Technical Vocational Building, has been established to provide all College of the Mainland students the opportunity to enhance their learning through the use of microcomputers. The lab is staffed with personnel ready to assist users. Students must register with the attendant at the front desk in order to be assigned to the appropriate computer.

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Library Computer Lab

The Library Lab, located on the main floor of the Library, provides COM students with access to college-level research. Computers in the Lab and classroom provide access to the Internet, Library catalog and databases with hundreds of thousands of articles, thousands of e-books and the extensive COM Library website designed to help users find the information they need. The COM Library Lab is open to COM students, faculty, staff and community members.

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The Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center offers free tutoring services in math, reading and writing for all COM students. Tutors can help with a writing, reading or oral presentation for any class, not only English or speech classes. They also offer help with content and grammatical/mechanical questions.

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