Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead, known in Mexico as Día de los Muertos, is a day which honors and celebrates the lives and memories of departed friends, ancestors, and loved ones. A brief explanation can be found here.

Physical Altar Instructions

As part of this celebration, we will have a physical altar set up in the COM Library. In accordance with our current COVID practices, we are asking that you do not bring food as an offering. There will be two tables set up where you may place copies of pictures, poems or other items as an offering. Any pictures and poems that are placed should be copies. This will eliminate the need for you to come back on campus to pick them up. We will stop taking offerings on November 3rd and the altar will stay up until Friday, November 13th.

The second part of the physical altar is a canvas that you may write or draw on as part of a collaborative effort to create this altar. There will be markers provided. There will also be sanitizing wipes provided and you will be asked to wait 6 feet from the canvas until the current person is finished.

Digital Altar Instructions

As another part of College of the Mainland's annual celebration, we would like to create a digital altar, where all students are invited to share images, stories, and poems, in celebration of those we remember.

To submit your words and/or images, go to: and add your image or video to the Day of the Dead 2020 album. It can be anything that you would place on an altar such as a picture of your loved one, picture of food, picture of a poem, video of you reading a poem or letter, etc. In the description of your picture or video, you may put the name of your loved one that has passed and any hashtags that you would like to add. If you need help, you can message us on Facebook or e-mail or We will be glad to help you. This Album will be left on our Facebook page indefinitely.

These projects have been brought to you by the Day of the Dead Multicultural Committee. This year's members are: Christina Bergvall, Connor Clark, Tige Cornelius, Crystal Cortez, Elaina Gilbertson, Mark Greenwalt, Andrea Martinez, Rafael Naranjo, Jade Revilla, Diego Reyes, Dalel Serda and Kari Starz.